Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5th Cincinnati Diehard meeting held July 15th.

Another great meeting, this time held appropriately enough, in a bank vault in a bank converted to a restraunt at Tellers in Hyde park cincinnati. Our old kiln room restaraunt Porkopolis seems to have gone out of business : (

We had 9 people present, one retiree, two early retirees, one near retiree, and the rest accumulators, so was a very diverse mix of people with good insights.

This was our first market meeting held during a bit of a downturn, so topics included behavorial changes and/or errors we may have made/are making during the downturn. A presentation was given on SV tilts, and the usual portfolio review roundtable was done. We hit superficially on many topics that I hope can be addressed as presentations in the future.

This meeting went a bit longer than normal at just over 2.5 hours due to the active discussions that took place in between the more structured segments. Overall, everything seemed to work out well, good food and a good meeting place for the future I think. Next meeting will likely be in October. Let me know if you have a topic you want to present at the next meeting.

cya next time,


Monday, March 3, 2008

4th Diehard meeting Held in February

We a great meeting with interesting discussion at the usual site, 9 people attended. Ken gave a good rebalancing presentation, much thanks to Ken. We also did a portfolio roundtable, year in review, and general discussion. Behavorial economic topics were introduced, and everyone aced the sample question, insofar as it was possible to "ace" it. Next meeting is in May, for our one year Cincinnati Diehard anniversary meeting. The usual portfolio review rountable, what I believe will be a running Behavoiral finance topic/minitopic, and Correlation Presentations are slated so far for May, please contact me if you want to present any topic. It was a fun meeting. In the future, we will do portfolio review/roundtable near the beginning instead of the end, and try to end up with the free flowing/random discussion for flexibility. We have a good size group of knowledgeable, interesting people. I look forward to seeing everyone again.