Thursday, April 19, 2007

May 13th 1pm est Official First Meeting Date (post asset allocations here)

We seem to have a great group starting out in Cincinnati. Members so far are Cb, nick22, kenschmidt, JohnP, LH, jart1217, and tivattom. Brett and another person have expressed interest as well.

Sunday May 13th 1 pm est is the date of the first meeting. Future Meetings will be held on weekdays.

JohnP, nick22, CB, LH, and jart1217 plan to be there. Others may show up as well, please RSVP as soon as possible so a proper size room can be obtained.

Our individual Asset allocations, strengths and weaknesses, will be the first topic.

Please post your asset allocations in the comment section below under your Diehard nickname.

Map to meeting is pending : )

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cincinnati Diehards Chapter is formed

Gathering Member information at present, and seeing what other Diehard Chapters have done, like start a Blog for the chapter, as MN vanguard diehards have at thanks for the information.

First meeting is likely going to be in May. We have 5 members so far who have given information (Cb, nick22, kenschmidt, JohnP, LH) and 2 more whose information is pending(brett, tivattom).

Tentative plan is for an informal meeting in a private room at a Cincinnati area restraunt.

Topics pending really. But preliminary plan is simple introductions and then talking about/comparing our asset allocations to start things off, then seque into whatever specifics particular members want to address.