Thursday, April 19, 2007

May 13th 1pm est Official First Meeting Date (post asset allocations here)

We seem to have a great group starting out in Cincinnati. Members so far are Cb, nick22, kenschmidt, JohnP, LH, jart1217, and tivattom. Brett and another person have expressed interest as well.

Sunday May 13th 1 pm est is the date of the first meeting. Future Meetings will be held on weekdays.

JohnP, nick22, CB, LH, and jart1217 plan to be there. Others may show up as well, please RSVP as soon as possible so a proper size room can be obtained.

Our individual Asset allocations, strengths and weaknesses, will be the first topic.

Please post your asset allocations in the comment section below under your Diehard nickname.

Map to meeting is pending : )

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Anonymous said...


15 sp500 index SPY
15 Small Cap Value ETF (VBR)
15 Emerging Markets ETF (VWO)
15 Pacific Stock ETF (VPL)
7 China 25 Index (FXI)
15 European Stock ETF (VGK)
No Bonds yet.

Still have about 20 percent individual stock I am ignoring for now, the above allocation is really 80 percent of my portfolio. The 6 percent MMF is not an allocation per se, just where the money is now, also the REIT is only at 7 percent now, as I thought it was overpriced so held some money back in cash.

jart1217 said...

jart 1217

over half of my net worth is in real estate, but of my equity portion it is invested as follows:

401k - T. Rowe Price 2040 - 13%
Vanguard Total Market Index - 38%
Vanguard FTSE All World Index - 13%
Goldman Sachs Tax Managed fund - 15%
Eaton Vance Tax Managed Value - 9%
Eaton Vance Tax Managed Dividend Income - 6%
Eaton Vance Intl Equity Tax Managed Fund - 6%

I currently have no bonds and am wondering if I should learn more about them to feel comfortable including them. My Eaton Vance and Goldman Sachs funds were purchased through an Edward Jones office and will be sold and added to my Vanguard account as soon as I qualify for capital gains.

JohnP said...


Retired for 4 years - Live off two Cola'd pensions but preparing for taking distributions for the first time from retirement savings, mostly in Vanguard. We have 22 positions with the top 12 plus a Variable Annuity (ugh) adding up to 86.6% of retirement savings, so I'd probably be considered a Slice-and-Dicer. the top 12 are;

17.5% VOHXX VG Ohio Tax-Free MM
_8.3% VFINX SP500 Index
_8.3% VASVX Selected Value
_7.6% VWELX Wellington
_7.5% TSP International
_7.4% VEIEX Emerging Markets
_5.3% VWEHX High Yield Corporate Bonds
_4.4% VTSMX Total Stock Market Index
_4.1% VGHCX Health Care
_4.0% VHGEX Global Equity
_3.9% VSEQX Strategic Equity
_3.0% VUVLX US Value

The remaining funds are basically cats and dogs; PFE and SLF stock (3.3%), two small Roths containing VEURX and VEIEX, small positions in REIT and Cap Opp, and two Putnam (ugh) positions in an active 403b account (wife will retire in three weeks).

See you on the 13th!

patnmary said...

What a bummer I'm out of town but look forward to a meeting. I am a major Diehard fan. Here are my VG allocations among all accounts (Roth, 529 etc.)
Energy 5.4
REIT 5.7
Health 9.8
Midcap 5.6
Explorer 5.2
Star 22.7
Int Gr. 14.7
SP500 4.1
Ext Market 3.5
Emerging 9.7
Small cap val 12.3
VIPB 1.2

nick22 said...

It depends if you want my current or goal AA I am moving towards. I am moving into a pension and 403b plan with TIAA-CREF that will alter the composite.

Current AA: 82% equity and 18% bonds/cash with 25% of equity foreign (48% DODBX, 19% VTSMX, 16% DODFX, 9% HWCAX, 8% VISVX).

Goal AA: 80% equity, 10% real estate, 10% bonds with 50% of equity foreign. Will be shifting from current AA to goal AA over next 2 years with new pension and 403 b position plus IRA contributions.