Monday, August 17, 2009

7th Cincinnati Diehard Meeting held

Great meeting,

I really enjoyed tonights meeting, thanks to dave and ken for the presentations, dave if you could email me back the name of that book, I think I may read it, sounds like you really enjoyed it, and with 5 percent of my allocation in china, I think I should read it. I may well get out of china and put it into emerging for diversification. We had china bubble, vanguard rebalancing, and Swedroes REIT alternative investment reports tonight, as well as the regular roundtable and general impromptu discussions.

It would have probably taken me a couple years, if ever, to figure out that I could rebalance like Ken has done on vanguard. Its not really a well defined site. Great presentation.

It seems we have all broken our investment plans to some minimal extent, myself with doing a banded type rebalance, instead of my planned yearly rebalance. Feels good, and really minimal if any harm done. Overall we have all stayed the course.

It seems in terms of stock/bond ratios, we are all on the same path allocation wise given our age. We have a nice gradient of age in the group, although not anyone really young (which is defined as 20s early 30s heheheh).

Next meeting will be in october or novemeber. If anyone has any formal presentations they want to do, please let me know. And always feel free to make your own handouts for the roundtable section if you so desire for short 1-5 minute informal type talks or questions you have about your portfolio. I think we have a great wealth of knowledge in the group.

look forward to seeing everyone again,


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