Monday, August 6, 2007

2nd Cincinnati Diehard meeting

We had seven people turn out for the meeting tonight. A great mix of people and clearly very knowledgeable: Jart1217, JohnP, LH, CB, Ken, Nick22, and Jeff. We had 2 retirees, one near retiree, and 4 accumulators. We had engineers, real estate developers, and many varied careers.

The meeting was held at the historic rookwood pottery (Porkopolis Restraunt) again in a Kiln room. The food was good as always, and the conversation was interesting. We went over individual asset allocations and introductions. Then CB gave a good presentation on safe withdrawal rates and relatively early retirement, which needless to say was very intriguing for the group. Tips were discussed as well.

Next meeting will be in November and will be structured around 3-6 individual topics to be announced.



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