Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Cinci-Diehards meeting held, Next meeting in August

We had three people able to come out of 6-7 who have expressed interest. Jart1217, JohnP and LH.

Was good to meet people face to face. We had a pretty varied group with one accumulator, one near retirement, and one retired already. Was interesting to get the different perspectives in real time. We had a few handouts on our allocations, expense ratios, and movement over time of portfolios. We discussed asset allocations, stocks in general, and how we came to be where we are in a boglehead sense. As well as briefly hit on multiple different topics of mutual interest. Was a very pleasant informative meeting inside a kiln at the historic rookwood pottery.

The next meeting will be in August, on a weekday at 7pm est. Planned topics will be:

1)asset allocation of new attendees/briefer discussion of old attendees allocations to prevent repetition. Discussion of whatever topics arise.

2)Brief REIT presentation 5-15 minutes by Jart217 with ?handouts, then discussion.

3)Brief Bond Presentation 5-15 minutes by LH with ?handouts then discussion.

4)Discussion of whatever comes up, picking new brief topics for next meeting.

-dinner/drinks during meeting.

Preliminary location will be the Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the river if room is available.

This past meeting lasted about two hours, including brunch. Interesting brief handouts are encouraged, bring enough copies for everyone to see at the same time. If you plan to attend, please post your allocation and brief introductory comment on this website in the comments under the Thursday, April 19, 2007 post.

I think 3 was a good number to start with, had time for personal talk and such, was very pleasant. Great to meet people face to face : )

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Trueohioplaya said...

I plan on joining the meeting. I am new to the Cincinnati area and am rather new to the approach of indexing. I look forward to the meeting.